Thanks for riding with us this August. Keep training and we’ll see you next year!

What you get…

  • Minimum $50 worth of partner rewards
  • Over $10,000 worth of prizes to be won
  • Weekly education and nutrition advice delivered directly to your inbox
  • Welcome pack – includes info on getting started, unlocking your first reward and Entry to QLD’s Biggest Ride (more prizes)
  • Teams Functionality – create or join a team
  • Leaderboard – regional, state and teams (optional)
  • BQ Member info & incentives

Which challenge are you riding?

Choose from three different tiers of distance to challenge you. The great news is each tier is the same price to enter, but remember – the further you go the more rewards you’ll receive.

100km Challenge
  • Average 3.2km a day this August
  • Achievement riding plan
  • 6 Partner rewards
    (minimum $50 value)

300KM Challenge
  • Average 9.7km a day this August
  • Achievement riding plan
  • 8 partner rewards
    (minimum $75 value)

500KM Challenge
  • Average 16.1km a day this August
  • Achievement riding plan
  • 10 partner rewards
    (minimum $100 value)

You’re on your way, choose your challenge and get the wheels rolling. Don’t forget – to be in with a chance to win the main prize, you have to complete your chosen challenge by midnight 31 August 2020.